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Amanuensis and Authorship Donald Castellano-Hoyt

From the Chapter "Church Doctrine and the Defamation of Yogananda's Disciples"

"Yogananda would, by today’s standards, be considered a sexual predator: swearing girls to secrecy (in the name of confidentiality or guru-disciple relationship), claiming “a spiritual man can touch a woman and it won't be in the physical plane;” locking the door to his room to stop egress and ingress of these girls, locking the Mt. Washington gate so that no one could leave without his permission (and even leaving on foot was a daunting task since it was at least a one mile walk down that twisting and turning San Rafael Blvd. or any of the other roads) extorting written character references, etc.

"In her memoirs Srimati Nerode, wife of SRF Kriya Minister Sri Nerode, notes that they transported many young women surreptitiously in the dead of night in their car to get them away from Mother Center to safety.

"The mother of one of those girls wrote the Nerodes in 1966 a note of thanks for getting them "away from the clutches of that swami."

The author includes an extensive reference section featuring copies of many original documents, handwritten letters, and eye witness accounts of the abuse that was suffered at the hands of His Holiness, Swami (Paramhansa) Yogananda. In the revision of this first edition Donald has placed the entire Appendix on line at this website.

Book Description