The Bettelu Letters
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February 21, 1938

Beloved friend, Sri Nerode,

I wrote a letter to you on the 16th of this month but have waited some time before giving it to you. This morning Swami Yogananda has forced me to write a letter testifying to his moral character being good which, in my opinion is not true. Everything I wrote you on the 16th of this month is true and more has happened since of the same nature. I gave him the testimony of good character because he said if I did not he would have you thrown out in three days.

As you know the truth of this whole matter during the discussions, please try to clean the place of wrong deeds. The teachings are wonderful and beautiful and such a condition as exists is deplorable in a spiritual organization. You love Swami and he loves you seemingly after a fashion. I am praying you are able to bring about as (end of page 1) spiritual and harmonious vibrations to this place as mother and I have found in your downtown temple. Mother and I have been under terrible pressure and have been forced to do many things which we thought not right but we are willing and want to help in any way possible to straighten this distasteful mess out.

Your sincere friend always

Bettelu Miller

Mrs. Evabrook Miller