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Amanuensis and Authorship
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Amanuensis is a form of editing manuscripts to restore them to their original text.

Castellano-Hoyt learned this science while studying restoration of Biblical Hebrew and New Testament Greek sacred texts at UT-Austin and Point Loma Nazarene University.

In the “Your Praecepta” menu are listed all seven of the out-of-print volumes   of Yogananda’s teaching from the mid-1920’s thru the mid-1930’s. Amanuensis was required extensively to restore the text in several locations. Yogananda’s teachings were not changed in any way in this process.

Books on holiness from other traditions can be seen in the menu at “Historic Books.” These did not require restoration of the text (for the most part).

Don’s three books are listed separately.

His latest book, “The Seventh Life,” is a commentary on his experiences while editing Yogananda’s praecepta. The entire reference section is published under the category “Appendix Reference” as a way to make it more readable. The reference has more pages than the original text. The paperback version without the reference section is listed at Amazon.com and the hardcopy is listed at Barnes and Noble Books.