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Amanuensis and Authorship

Thank you for your interest in the writing and editorial work  of Don Castellano-Hoyt. In these pages we will show the various editing and republishing work that Don has done.

Most well known to the SRF/YSS community is Don’s republication of the 7 steps of the “Your Praecepta” series. It is well known not only because it was a massive multi-volume undertaking, but because the PDF manuscripts that formed the basis of Don’s work required painstakingly dedicated effort to reconstruct the text that had in many places become almost illegible.

The literary effort Don employed is called ‘amanuensis,” and is historically used by Biblical linguistic experts when trying to reconstruct a text (say from a parchment) that has enough of the text intact at the expected points so that the linguists can confidently match the existing “dots and tittles” with the predictable Hebrew or Greek text so that the original can be reconstructed. [In addition to Biblical Hebrew and New Testament Greek, Don has studied Akadian, Ugaritic, Aramiac, and Phoenician languages.]

Ironically SRF, Inc. acknowledges its form of amanuensis and gives a detailed narrative of it in its 1983 edition of “Songs of the Soul.” This effort is shown here.

In almost every volume Don gives in his Editor’s Notes instances of difficult textual readings and how he was able to reconstruct them. For example, there is one interesting line that current SRF, Inc. Lessons reads to this day as "Approach God with a Song of Smiles." (Praeceptum 26/3, page 3). The context (i.e., Praeceptum 19) however has everything to do with approaching God in the mirror of silence that we put up as we meditate. Since enough words and letters are available to justify a different reading, Don presumed to read the line as "Approach God with the Mirror of Silence."

Don is writing a book, The Seventh Life: What I Learned While Researching, Editing, and Republishing the Praecepta.